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Enterprise Work Management Software

Published 03/07/2011 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

Workfront is a cloud-based enterprise work management software to manage, converge and enhance all project, task and collaboration related activities across the board. The online app covers all areas of the work lifecycle, from project portfolio management, to issue tracking and business reporting.

Workfront’s key features allow for project planning and tracking, task management and collaboration, time management, process improvement and issue tracking, among others. The combination of features in Workfront provide executives, managers and team members alike with a 360-degree view of all work activities, a more collaborative environment, and increased company-wide communication and transparency.

Workfront helps teams and managers plan and execute successful projects with a single workspace to manage tasks, deadlines and issues. Resource management and capacity planning tools ensure you are getting the most out of your team. Real-time, interactive Gantt charts lets you see all tasks across a timeline, who is working on what and the progress of work. You can click on tasks to drill into them for more details. Workfront also offers a range of agile project management tools for developers, such as storyboards and iteration planning.

Workfront offers workflow automation with request and approval management tools. You can route work requests and issues automatically to the right team member, compare and prioritize requests, and set up updates for requesters and assignees. Workfront’s routing and approval tools include customized reporting to closely measure issue resolution KPIs. You can ensure the lines of communication are kept open at all times with in-app messaging and tagging, a central document repository, along with social recognition tools such as “liking” and “endorsing”.

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

Workfront was formerly known as AtTask but underwent a name change in January 2015. The company decided to change the name of the app to reflect the scope and enterprise-level work management capabilities that the word “task” simply didn't connote. The app was founded in 2001 by Scott Johnson. Workfront has been listed as a leader in the 2014 Gartner Inc. Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services for the third year running. Some of their more recognized customers include Sony, Intuit, Trek, Tommy Hilfiger and NBC - Universal.

What are the differences to other apps?

Workfront in an enterprise level work management application that covers the whole scope of work activities, from portfolio management to issue tracking. There are a number of project and portfolio management tools on the market, but not all of them include such extensive collaboration and workflow automation features as Workfront.

Rather than being a restrictive application for singular use by individual departments or teams, Workfront is flexible enough to be useful company-wide by all levels. The high-level visibility, tracking, and communication tools provide tighter project audit trails, quicker issue resolution and more intelligent reporting.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

On an aesthetic level Workfront is clean and modern, yet unlike some other interfaces with a modern design, Workfront doesn't go in for minimalism when it comes to details. The app provides extensive information on all work areas, tuning you into task deadlines, durations and statuses, new comments, updates, requests and more. The top navigational header gives quick access to the following tabs: My Work, Projects, Reporting, People, Requests, Timesheets and Documents.

Within each of these tabs lies a selection of further tabs for greater detail into items such as milestones, requested projects, risks, approvals and more. Workfront uses familiar tools inspired by social media such as profile photos, “liking”, commenting, and a live activity feed. There is also an agile-friendly interface with storyboards for IT teams.

How does the registration process work?

You can sign up for a free trial of Workfront directly from the website through a link on the homepage. By clicking on the orange “Request Free Trial” button you will be led to a form to fill with your name, business email, company, job title and business phone number. Submission of the form alerts a Workfront representative who will contact you to set up your free trial. You will not be asked for credit card details.

What does it cost to use the application?

Workfront offers a range of license types depending on the requirements of your company. Work licenses are for team members and include time management and all collaboration features. These cost $30 per month. Plan licenses are for team leaders and include comprehensive project and portfolio management features. These costs $60 per month. There are also collaboration licenses for use with internal or external project collaborators, as well as an Enterprise Plus license for high-level security and support. Licenses for these are available on request.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Workfront was designed for medium-sized to enterprise level companies with 500 plus employees. The app is suited to any industry, however they have particular solutions for IT teams and marketing departments. Workfront is ideal for companies looking for more than just a project management solution, but who need a complete company-wide collaboration tool that can replace the need for separate task management, help desk and portfolio management apps. Workfront can be used by managers, team members, external collaborators and project stakeholders alike.

  • Project Management - Interactive Gantt chart with real-time reporting and custom project dashboards
  • Task Management - Team workspace for colleagues to collaborate and get task done
  • Help Desk & Issue Tracking - Track issues, set up queues and send automatic status updates
  • Time Management - Users can create timesheets to record hours for projects, tasks & issues
  • Reports & Dashboards - Over 50 built-in reports and unlimited configurable reports
  • Portfolio Management - Includes the Business Case Builder tool to prioritize and evaluate projects
  • Process Improvement - Define rules for routing, notification, reporting, and alerting

Workfront video

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